BASC response to HSE lead ammunition consultation

taking bullet out of pouch

BASC has submitted its response to the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) final consultation on proposals to restrict the use of lead ammunition in England, Scotland and Wales.

BASC responded to the socio-economic consultation on the HSE’s revised proposals to restrict the outdoor use of lead ammunition, which closed on 10 December 2023. 

The revised proposals saw the HSE remove a ban on lead airgun pellets and stated that target shooting with lead rifle ammunition should be allowed to continue at approved ranges. 

BASC welcomed the HSE revisions in its consultation response, which came as a result of evidence-based arguments submitted by BASC and 2,000 other consultation responses in 2022.

However, the most recent HSE consultation contained existing proposals for a ban on nearly every other outdoor recreational use of lead ammunition in England, Wales and Scotland. BASC challenged each proposal with robust evidence-based arguments.

Our response considered every shooting discipline, both live quarry and target, and the documents we submitted are available to read in full below.

It’s important to note that BASC remains committed to the voluntary transition away from lead shot and single-use plastics for live quarry shooting, which commenced in February 2020. The industry has made enormous strides forward in the development of lead-free shotgun ammunition and biodegradable wads to date, and BASC will continue to drive this process forward.