BASC dog owner survey – the cost of dog theft

A gundog puppy

BASC has now closed its survey which aimed to assess the impact of dog theft on dog owners over the past 12 months.

According to the organisation DogLost, recorded incidents of dogs being stolen has increased by 160% since lockdown began. 

With increasing media coverage of dog theft, BASC undertook this key research to make sure all efforts are made to reduce the risk of theft.  From this, we will take forward the findings to ensure the correct resources are in place to tackle this crime.  

Kate Dymock, BASC’s gundog officer, said: “Dog owners are all too aware of the concerning rise in dog theft across the UK. 

“The survey aimed to capture how these despicable crimes have impacted dog owners, with a particular focus on those with gundogs.  The results will allow BASC to provide key statistics to decision-makers highlighting the far-reaching impacts dog theft can have.”

Thank you to all dog owners who took part in the survey.  Keep an eye on the news pages for details of our findings.