The wildfowler’s dog

Does a perfect wildfowling dog exist? Eric Begbie looks closer at the qualities needed for a dog to be more than just good company.

Black Labrador at Crufts

Gundogs galore

As Crufts approaches, we look back on last year’s gundog day at the biggest dog show in the world and what to expect if you plan on going.

A gundog

Second chance gundogs

Within the thousands of dogs which end up in rescue shelters every year, are many who have the potential to find a new life as a working gundog.

A game shooter with gundogs

The art of picking up

The value of a well-oiled picking-up team can’t really be overstated. After all, accounting for every bird shot should always be the end goal.

Spaniel carrying a bird

What’s in your kennel?

BASC staff members own – or have owned – a variety of gundog breeds. We asked a handful of them about their dogs’ quirks and characters…

A gundog running through water with a dummy

Giving gundogs gusto

It is important that all dog owners understand the importance of fitness and have the knowledge to keep their dogs injury free for longer.