The Moorland Chorus

Have you ever heard the sounds of a spring morning on a grouse moor? Listen to our Moorland Chorus and transport yourself to stunning Calderdale to become immersed in the diversity of wildlife all around you.

BASC’s Moorland Chorus captures the sounds of a grouse moor teeming with life in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. In fifteen minutes, we capture bird species such as curlew, golden plover, lapwing, wheatear and red grouse as they welcome the dawning of a new day in their moorland habitat.

The songs of moorland bird species were recorded as part of a new campaign to provide their unique sounds to local care homes. The Moorland Chorus will be used therapeutic tool for those no longer able to easily access the uplands, transporting residents to these areas by providing an immersive listening experience. 

Indulge yourself

What good will listening to the Moorland Chorus do you? Well, birdsong has well-researched therapeutic benefits for all, not just in older people.

Studies by the University of Exeter have shown birdsong associated with memories can offer relief from mental fatigue and stress. Travellers through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, too, have experienced the benefit of birdsong, with the airport previously playing it to help customers to relax on their journeys.

By listening to the Moorland Chorus you can hear the sound of curlew in their moorland nesting habitat. Surround yourself with the sounds of the bubbling curling, chirping grouse and electric lapwing, whose combined song brings to life the stunning landscape they all call home.

Our thanks go to the Calderdale Moorland Group and the local gamekeepers for their help in bringing the Moorland Chorus to fruition.

You can download the Moorland Chorus here

Listen to the Moorland Chorus

Hear how the Moorland Chorus was made


To mark the launch of the Moorland Chorus, we have produced a special recording of the BASC podcast.

This episode sees host Tom Evans speak with members of the Calderdale Moorland Group about what the sounds of the uplands mean to them.