Shall I opt out? GP Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR)

A stethoscope

From 1 July 2021, NHS Digital will make 55 million patient records available to research bodies and other third parties. 

The records will have identification details, such as name, address and date-of-birth removed and replaced with a unique code in a process called “pseudonymisation”. This enables the records to be identified if there was a valid legal reason.

Concerns have been expressed in some quarters over the release of this data and BASC has received enquiries from concerned members. 

While there are no obvious detrimental effects in terms of firearms licensing or any apparent danger of being able to identify firearms’ holders, this is personal data over which you have ultimate control.

If you have concerns about your medical data being released under this scheme and wish to opt out, you need to act quickly. 

The original date for the transfer of data was 1 July with a written request to opt-out submitted to your GP prior to the 23 June 2021.

It is possible that a later date will now apply but there is no detail at the time of writing.

It is also possible to opt-out of your personal data being shared if the deadline is missed, but data already shared will not be removed. 

The website links below gives further information and access to the Type 1 Opt-Out form that is required to be completed and signed. 

NB. It is the Type 1 Opt-Out that is required.