BASC delivers police training on firearms law and wildlife management

BASC staff speaking to Police officers

BASC recently hosted more than 100 police officers, council rangers and other staff for a training day covering wildlife management, firearms law and shooting sports.

Attendees came from across the East of England to take part in the event at Hanningfield in Essex.

Organised by BASC and Essex Police’s rural crime team, the event brought together a range of expertise on wildlife and firearms legislation. Attendees listened to several talks from BASC, the Environment Agency, Bird Aware Essex and the Angling Trust, and got to try airgunning.

Malcom Greenleaf, one of BASC’s East of England regional officers, said: “The day was about ensuring that those serving our community have a full understanding of the legislation when it comes to owning firearms and undertaking various wildlife management practices.

“Many activities that may seem ordinary to some can appear alien to others. These training days help frontline and support staff understand activities such as pigeon shooting, pest control and deer stalking.

“A big thank you must go to Essex Police for helping bring this day together, along with all the other partner organisations involved.”