BASC urges review of Home Office airgun proposals

An airgun shooter aiming down a scope

In a letter sent on Friday 5th March, BASC has asked Neil Parish MP, chair of the Government’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) committee, to review the Home Office’s proposal to restrict airgun use by teenagers.

The move sees BASC joining forces with the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) to create a unified voice from the shooting and farming sectors.  Together, the organisations stress the lack of evidence provided to justify a shift in policy. Also raised was the underestimation of the potential impact on young people across the land-based sectors.

The campaign continues

The consultation period generated 12,000 replies, including a detailed response from BASC.  Bill Harriman, director of firearms at BASC, cited the need to continue the campaign to ensure the case for young people is heard, saying: “The period for consulting may have ended, but our campaign to ensure young airgun users are not unfairly disadvantaged has not.”  

BASC is currently awaiting a formal response from the Home Office.  Members can continue to play their part by writing to their local MP challenging the airgun proposal.

Read the letter to the EFRA committee here.

Visit our dedicated campaign page.