Metropolitan Police trial new style certificates

Met police

The Metropolitan Police have commenced a trial of new A5-sized firearms and shotgun certificates, taking effect from 3 June 2024. The smaller certificate is already being issued by Hampshire and Isle of Wight police.

The new certificates will be identical in format and will use the same official paper, however orientated in ‘landscape’ instead of the traditional ‘portrait’, making them half the size. The move will halve the volume of paper being used for certificates, which will both save money and reduce the environmental impact of issuing new certificates.

For the duration of the trial, the Metropolitan Police’s firearms licensing team have asked BASC to seek feedback on the new certificates from our members located in the force area. This will be will be used when considering whether to make the change permanent. 

We ask members, in particular trade members, to send your thoughts and comments to provide input into the decision-making process. These can be sent to our South East regional team who will collate them and pass on. Please email your feedback to.