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BASC is excited to announce a fantastic new partnership with Britain’s leading fuel card provider – UK Fuels.

This new relationship will open up a wide range of products and services to BASC members, including unique savings at a wide network of fuel stations designed to make fuelling your vehicles convenient and cost-effective.

You can get unrivalled access to all major sites in the UK, such as Shell, BP, Esso and Texaco, as well as the wider UK Fuels network which incorporates Morrison’s, and Tesco.

You can choose from weekly-priced cards that track against the global buying price of fuel, or retail cards that guarantee a fixed saving against the price you see at the pumps, giving complete and transparent control of the expenditure. BASC have also negotiated a no-fee policy with UK Fuels, which means that there are no card charges, transaction fees or premiums for non-usage, so you can be confident that there are no hidden costs associated to the fuel card account. There is no contract and no set-up fee to get started, and with flexible credit terms you can set up your account in the way that suits your requirements with one simple direct debit from your bank account.

Nick McElroy, Group Commercial Director at UK Fuels and a BASC member, commented on the new partnership: “I can really see the synergies between the two organisations in terms of the fit for a fuel card. Anything that will help travelling across the UK more convenient and cost-effective, adds value to the already impressive benefits available to BASC members.”

Pump Saver! All BASC members get a guaranteed 3p per litre off the forecourt price of diesel with the exclusive Pump Saver range of Fuel cards

  • Up to 3.2k sites available on the network of your choice
  • No additional surcharges for Petrol
  • Flexible credit terms of up to 30 days
  • Route planning via the E-Route app
  • Fraud protection via Fuel alerts (Volume, Frequency, Time of day)
  • Online account management via the Velocity Portal
  • HMRC approved invoices, no need for receipts
  • No Contract and no-account fees
  • Manage your account on the move with Smartphone apps

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