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Scottish general licences consultation

General licences in Scotland are issued by Scottish Natural Heritage. You don’t need to apply to use general licences, but you are required by law to abide by their terms and conditions.

Scottish Natural Heritage is currently reviewing 800 responses to its recent consultation and new general licences for 2020 will be published this December.

BASC Scotland responded in detail to the consultation. Much of the detail in the BASC response came from an earlier BASC survey of those who use general licences in Scotland, with over a thousand people completing the survey.

Scottish Natural Heritage has recognised that the results from BASC’s survey constituted the most substantive response to its consultation.

BASC Scotland has met with Scottish Natural Heritage to discuss the detail of BASC’s consultation response. We are hopeful that while there may be some changes to the species listed on each individual general licence the overall impact will not adversely affect much of the necessary bird pest control undertaken in Scotland.

Click here for the current Scottish General Licences

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