Gamekeepers’ conference: bringing together the custodians of fieldsports

Eoghan Cameron

After a successful gamekeepers’ meeting in Yorkshire a fortnight ago, BASC headed south to Buckinghamshire on Friday 22 March for the inaugural Southern Gamekeepers’ Conference.

Gamekeepers from across the South East gathered at the EJ Churchill shooting grounds, set amidst the picturesque woodlands on the West Wycombe Estate in Stokenchurch, to listen to a range of expert speakers.

BASC Chairman Eoghan Cameron was keen to underline the importance of the gamekeeping community and expressed his desire to make the conference an annual event.

Mr Cameron said: “Gamekeepers are the father figures of the fieldsports community and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to reconnect with you.

“The tests we face as a community are diverse and comprise a range of battles. These battles are what BASC exists for and it’s the environment in which we choose to operate. This is what our members and the wider community expects.

“Our long-range strategic planning, unrivalled credibility and influence with government both central and devolved, unparalleled expertise, and the passion and tenacity of our specialist staff, all make BASC uniquely placed to deliver for our sector.

“The loyalty and growth of our membership remain vital to maintaining our capability. In the battles we face, it’s size that matters. Every member we have makes the shield thicker and the sword sharper.

“You will never own a more important or more effective piece of shooting kit than a BASC membership, and we will never have support more valuable than that of the gamekeeping world.

“In 2024 and beyond, this will be more evident than ever.

After the speeches and a Q and A with a range of specialist speakers, the attendees headed to the shooting range to participate in a well-contested clay competition.

To find a wealth of information and advice from BASC’s gamekeeping experts, head to our dedicated pages here.