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Storage of explosives

From the April 2015, Manufacturers, importers, distributors, and anyone who acquires or keeps civil explosives has been required to keep a record of these explosives throughout the supply chain and life cycle.

The records should allow tracking and identification of an explosive at any time, and should be kept for 10 years after the date when the explosive was used, transferred to another person or destroyed, even if the manufacturers, importers, distributors, and anyone who acquires or keeps the explosives, have ceased trading.

In relation to shooting sports, you are not required to keep records for civil explosives that are:

  • Acquired or kept by private individuals other than in connection with their work and that are solely for their own personal use.
  • Cap-type primers, which consist of a metal or plastic cap containing a small amount of primary explosive mixture that is readily ignited by impact and which serve as igniting elements in small arms cartridges or in percussion primers for propelling charges.

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