Cumbria police on track to reduce backlog


A commitment to tackle firearms licensing delays made during a meeting between BASC and Cumbria police has been reinforced at a follow-up meeting between the two parties.

Cumbria police revealed during the latest meeting with BASC that it is making rapid progress and has reduced its backlog of renewals by 57 per cent since the introduction of new resources in April.

An initial meeting with the Chief Constable of Cumbria Constabulary resulted in a commitment by the force to provide additional resources to firearms licensing in the region.

BASC’s head of firearms Martin Parker met with Superintendent Andy Wilkinson and Chief Inspector Lee Skelton last week for a follow-up meeting where he was reassured that the force is still on track to cut its backlog and the officers underlined the force’s commitment to hitting the following targets:

  • No backlogs on renewals
  • Grants issued within 17 weeks
  • Non-judicial outcome suitability reviews within eight weeks
  • Variations within four weeks

Mr Parker said: “I was delighted to be invited back again and appreciate the clear commitment to improving the licensing process this demonstrated.

“The progress the force has made in such a short space of time clearly shows that if you put the resources in, improvements can be made.

“I look forward to engaging with the new Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria at the first possible opportunity. BASC remains ready to provide any assistance with training that the force may find useful.”

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