Coronavirus Advice

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s “stay at home” order has been lifted and “stay local” guidance has been issued.

All outdoor recreational shooting activities are permitted.

Essential retail is permitted to open and this may include some firearms dealers, depending on their specific circumstances.

All indoor sports facilities such as shooting ranges etc. must remain closed.

Outdoor sports facilities can open but only to permit their use for those allowed in the regulations. Club houses etc. must stay closed.

Up to 10 people (including children) from a maximum of two households can take part in outdoor exercise or sports activities.

Up to 15 people (including coaches) can take part in structured outdoor sports training, through clubs or individuals affiliated to recognised sport’s governing bodies or representative organisations for sport.

Some of the restrictions are law through regulation, while others are guidance. Everyone is legally required to comply with the regulations.

From 23 April, competitive outdoor sports can resume. No spectators are permitted and numbers (including officials, participants, management and support personnel) should be restricted to the minimum number required for the delivery of the event and should not exceed 100.

The next review of Covid restrictions will take place on 13 May 2021.

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