Cleaning Shotguns

With the season over and most shooters now finding they have time on their hands, it’s a good opportunity for a spot of maintenance on your guns. BASC director of firearms Bill Harriman shows you how.

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End of season highlights

With the pheasant, partridge and wildfowl (above the high water mark) seasons finishing this weekend, BASC’s regional teams provide their highlights.

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The importance of rifle fit

As we all know, getting a gun that fits properly will help your shooting in leaps and bounds. However, when it comes to rifles, we often neglect this important aspect which can lead to some bad habits creeping in that will affect your accurate shooting.

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Police and Crime Commissioners

On May 5th 2016 elections will take place in all 41 police force areas in England & Wales excluding London. Police and Crime Commissioners are charged with securing efficient and effective policing in their area and this includes firearms licensing. This election is an opportunity for BASC members to find out where their candidates stand on shooting. Enter your details into the space provided and follow the instructions to send your candidate an email. Please send copies of any replies received to: [button link="" color="silver" newwindow="yes"] Click here to email your candidate[/button]

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