BASC’s Fighting Fund secures significant victory for member

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The Fighting Fund, set up by BASC to fight the corner of members who have been victims of injustice, has successfully helped a member to win costs against the police.

The BASC member was awarded costs of £4,000 after a successful appeal against revocation of his certificate. 

BASC put Cheshire Constabulary on notice last year that costs would be sought in the event of the appeal being upheld. The judge ruled in the member’s favour, citing the fact that the case should have been resolved last year, reflected in the decision by Cheshire Constabulary to concede prior to the case coming to court.

The member’s solicitor commented that no reasonable firearms licensing authority would take the view on the available evidence that they should be deprived of a certificate.

Commenting on the case, BASC’s Director of Firearms, Bill Harriman said: “This is a prime example of BASC’s Fighting Fund in action supporting a member with a good case, and we’re delighted we’ve been able to help contest this ill-considered and risk-averse decision.

“Cost Orders in favour of the Appellant are uncommon and indicate how strong the case was.

“This whole appeal could have been avoided – the police had five months to consider conceding but left it to the last minute, causing unnecessary stress to our member.”

More on the Fighting Fund

The Fighting Fund was launched in July 2020 to make a significant contribution to promoting and protecting sustainable shooting and conservation in the UK.

The seven-figure fund holds ring-fenced reserves that will enable the association to push forward with proactive legal initiatives to secure the future of shooting.

In addition, it enables BASC to launch effective defences to disruptive legal challenges that could negatively impact our community.

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