The Fighting Fund

Everything you need to know about the BASC fighting fund – launched to protect shooting.

The BASC fighting fund was launched in July 2020 to make a significant contribution to promoting and protecting sustainable shooting and conservation in the UK.

The seven-figure fund holds ring-fenced reserves that will enable the association to push forward with proactive legal initiatives to secure the future of shooting.

In addition, it enables BASC to launch effective defences to disruptive legal challenges that could negatively impact our community. 

Shooting is seldom out of the spotlight and always prey to misunderstanding and misinformation. A strong, positive message effectively delivered can have a vital influence on politicians, the media and public opinion.

Despite recent successes, the threat has not gone away.

Recently BASC defended shooting against:

  • attempts to restrict airguns.
  • attempts to prevent young people shooting.
  • a ban on snaring.
  • a ban on the release of gamebirds.
  • restrictions on what can be shot through general licences.
  • restrictions on firearms licensing on medical grounds.

We can’t afford to be complacent. The expertise of BASC is needed now more than ever before; we continue to defend and preserve shooting and the conservation of our countryside for future generations.