BASC responds to HSE lead ammunition restriction extension


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has extended its lead ammunition restriction process by six months in order to assess all 2,759 responses to the risk assessment consultation.

Following the news, BASC East director, Terry Behan, commented: “The use of lead ammunition is huge and varied, and blanket restrictions as proposed are not as simple as some make out. The HSE has taken the right decision to utilise the six-month extension clause to fully evaluate the responses and avoid any unintended consequences.

“The suggestion from the HSE that alternative risk management options and derogations may need to be considered aligns with the conclusions of BASC’s technical reports and 180-page consultation response.

“While the HSE fully digests all the responses, it is expected the socio-economic impact assessment consultation will be delayed from its intended February start point.”

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