BASC raises opposition to Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill

A red grouse

BASC has raised significant concerns with the Scottish Government’s Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill published today (22 March).

The Bill seeks to introduce licensing for land used for red grouse shooting, licensing for muirburn, licensing and training requirements for certain other types of wildlife traps and a ban the use and purchase of glue traps.

Peter Clark, BASC’s Scotland public affairs manager, said: “This is yet another raft of legislation which will curtail the ability of land managers to effectively protect Scotland’s biodiversity and support rural livelihoods. 

“Unproven, unnecessary and overstretched this Bill threatens more than just successful moorland management, but also farming practices, conservation efforts, hundreds of jobs and millions in economic value. The direct and indirect benefits that arise from grouse shooting are too important to be risked in this manner.

“We will be working with MSPs and the Minister to ensure that the Bill does not have these damaging consequences.”