BASC issues ‘end of season’ advice for shoots

A virus graphic

BASC is highlighting the advice that is available as shoots consider the impact of Coronavirus in the coming weeks.

Despite the premature end to driven game shooting due to lockdown restrictions, the supply of game meat for the table must still be managed.

BASC’s regional teams continue to offer advice and support in their area and a number of resources are available online.

Dan Reynolds, BASC’s England director, said: “With significant Coronavirus restrictions in force across the four home nations, the end of the game shooting season is very different this year.

“Although we are clear that driven game and other group shooting can’t take place throughout the rest of January, BASC country and regional offices have been providing advice to shoots on how they can continue to provide game meat into the food chain.

“Our staff are on hand to take calls and deal with enquiries from members looking for support in that area. We will also continue to visit shoots to offer on-the-ground assistance.

“The British Game Alliance and other shooting organisations are also offering support and advice through this unprecedented period.”

For detailed advice and support to help shape your end of season plans, contact your local BASC country or regional centre. Advice can be provided by phone, email, videocall or through a Covid-safe site visit to your shoot.

Contact details for BASCs offices can be found here.

Where shoots are able to continue to supply game, BASC recommends regular engagement with local game dealers / processors so that they can match their supply to market demand.

A comprehensive list of game processors can be accessed through BASC’s Taste of Game website.

In addition, BASC is highlighting the work of the Country Food Trust in ensuring supply matches demand in the charitable sector for food.

The Country Food Trust encourages shoots to work with game processors to deliver nutritious game meals

Further information – including how to donate birds to the Country Food Trust – can be found here.