BASC is challenging Scottish general licences decision

Pigeon shooter

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has made last minute changes to the Scottish general licenses that will take effect from 1st January 2014.

BASC is continuing to challenge this process with the Scottish Government following a consultation that was too short, too late and contained poorly developed proposals.

BASC is also challenging the decision by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change to grant SNH staff a power to exclude the use of general licences from individuals or on any area of land where those staff “have reason to believe” that wild birds have been illegally taken or killed.

BASC condemns the illegal killing or taking of birds of prey or any other wild bird. However, granting civil servants a legal power to impact on businesses and livelihoods in the absence of a criminal offence is simply unacceptable and open to abuse. Government is under a duty as part of the human rights framework to ensure proportionality and this form of collective punishment is neither proportionate nor necessary.

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