BASC chief executive gives latest update on general licences

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BASC chief executive Ian Bell has reassured members that the hard work is continuing in a bid to bring more clarity to the current general licence situation.

In his latest video update he also revealed that conversations with Natural England are still taking place.

He said: “Although we are being allowed to give some technical advice to Natural England our opportunity is limited and what we are seeing being produced is still confusing and overly restrictive and we’re working hard on that.

“Our focus now is on trying to get the licences with regards to pigeon shooting correct. I’m going to use that as a test case with Natural England.”

It is now just a week since Natural England announced they were temporarily revoking three general licences in England for controlling certain wild birds.

The first of the new licences were published on Friday prompting BASC chairman Peter Glenser QC to declare it “shoddy and hurried” and “not fit for purpose”.

We are still waiting for the remaining replacement licences to be issued.

Ian Bell added: “All of our advice is on our website that’s the most up to date place for you to get the advice you need to act.”