Ayrshire parliamentarians show support for sustainable ammunition

Kilmarnock and Loudoun MP Alan Brown and South of Scotland MSP Sharon Dowey offered their support to a sector-led move towards sustainable ammunition during an introductory event at Cowans Law Country Sports in Ayrshire.

Mr Brown and Ms Dowey were trialling a new range of ammunition loads as part of the shooting sector’s five-year voluntary transition towards a more sustainable future for live quarry shooting. The transition will see a move away from single-use plastics and the traditional load of lead shot.

Their visit to the shooting ground was via an invitation to our ‘Try Sustainable Ammunition’ event. The events, which are being run across the UK, introduce participants to innovative products that are new to the market.

Following the visit, Alan Brown MP said: “Learning more about the importance of the sustainable ammunition for human health and the environment was thought-provoking, given the opportunities it offers.

“I support BASC’s calls for a 5 year transition period, given the pressures on the industry at the moment. I would urge the UK Government to ensure that calls from shooting organisations are honoured in future decision making.

Reflecting on the day, Sharon Dowey MSP said: “Shooting continues to be worth over £200 million to the Scottish economy and it is vital we ensure a strong future for shooting, not just for the economic benefits but for the invaluable work the activity contributes to conservation, land management and maintaining the great British countryside.

“Part of that future must be setting a sustainable path and it is better the phasing out of lead shot comes voluntarily by the sector.

Peter Clark, BASC Scotland public affairs manager, added: “The Sustainable Ammunition Days are a great opportunity to learn more about the ammunition manufacturers’ progress away from single-use plastics and lead shot. On the day the BASC coaches discuss the transition, review and showcase a range of products, and let the participants try them out.

“Reaching thousands of people annually, these events are part of ensuring the voluntary transition away from traditional shotgun cartridges is successful. It was great to welcome Alan Brown MP and Sharon Dowey MSP and our thanks go to them for speaking up for the work that is being undertaken to ensure shooting remains sustainable in the future.”

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