UK REACH lead ammunition review announced


Responding to today’s UK REACH announcement regarding the consideration of further restrictions on all lead ammunition, Ian Bell, BASC CEO, said:

“The UK’s leading shooting organisations are already engaged in a voluntary five-year transition away from lead shot for live quarry shooting. Encouraging progress has already been made, with manufacturers working hard to bring new products to market to ensure shooting is sustainable.

“The UK already has legislation in place banning the use of lead shot over wetlands and for the shooting of wildfowl. Game dealers have made significant progress in minimising the amount of lead contained in game sold to the public. Cartridge companies are developing new products but producing the amount of non-lead ammunition required for the UK with the current production facilities is a significant challenge.  

“The UK REACH consultation encompasses all lead ammunition and reaches well beyond the voluntary transition. They must avoid the failure of the EU REACH process which failed to listen to the shooting, land management, conservation and farming communities and produced unreasonable and unworkable regulations. 

Continued engagement with the shooting organisations is critical to ensure any proposals are proportionate, feasible and enforceable while recognising the significant investment and time required to deliver proportionate and effective change.”

Want to read more on the UK REACH review of lead ammunition?  Read our blog from Dr Conor O’Gorman, BASC’s head of policy and campaigns, who considers whether the announcement poses a threat or an opportunity for shooting.


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