Shotgun Safe Shot - Theory Test

BASC Shotgun Safe Shot Theory provides you with a chance to demonstrate you have the knowledge on how to use shotguns confidently and safely, in a field-based situation.

The assessment is designed to help you test your own knowledge. After completing the online theory test you will be welcome to demonstrate what you have learned, to one of our BASC accredited Safe Shot Assessors, and be awarded for your practical skills and knowledge of how to handle a shotgun.

You will then have the honour of wearing the BASC bronze Safe Shot pin badge, which is worn by many in the field on their shooting attire.

Take the online test and start your journey to getting a BASC bronze Safe Shot badge and certificate demonstrating your knowledge, safety and, confidence when handling a shotgun.


1. How much will this cost me? 
This test is completely free!

2. How does the knowledge test work? 
The knowledge test will require your full name and email address. The test has 25 multiple choice questions. You will be required to score 80% as a minimum pass mark and you will have 30 minutes to complete the test. 

3. What happens if I fail the test? 
If you fail your first attempt, do not worry you have a second attempt. Before re-taking consider having a look at the Shotgun Safety code of practice.

If you are still unsuccessful do not worry. Please make contact with Training and Education officer David Boden here.

4. How do I review my answers?
When you finish the test, you will be given your results as a percentage mark.  If you scroll down past this, you will be able to go back through your answers and see clearly which questions you have answered correctly, and which questions you have answered incorrectly.  This will be indicated by a tick for a correct answer and a red cross for an incorrect one.

5. What is the next step after completing the online test? 
After taking the online theory test, I would advise you to think about taking the practical Safe Shot assessments to prove you can demonstrate your safety to one of our BASC approved safe shot assessors. To find out how you can do this please click here.

6. How long will the certificate be valid for?
The theory certificate will be valid for 3 years, however you should keep your knowledge up to date throughout this period until you are able to complete the practical assessment. You should also ensure you comply with the relevant codes of practices within these areas. The practical assessment certificate does not have an expiry date. 

7. Data Protection / GDPR
BASC take data protection very seriously and our aim is to protect your personal and sensitive data.  Individual results, name and email will be stored securely on our Contact Manager database system.  For further information on data protection please click here.

8. The BASC logo is not printing on my certificate
If you find that the BASC logo at the top of your certificate is not printing correctly please check your personal printer setting and ensure that you have ticked for background images to be included.

9. How can I give BASC feedback on this online test?
If you would like to supply BASC with your feedback, please click here.

Register of Safe Shot Assessors

If you have any difficulty finding details of your nearest Safe Shot Assessor or event please get in touch with BASC Training and Education on 01244 573018 or email. 

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