Eurasian wigeon flying
Eurasian wigeon flying

David Gray Conservation Scholarship Programme

New for 2024, the BASC Wildlife Fund David Gray Conservation Scholarship has been designed to provide financial backing for students studying, or wishing to study, conservation-related or land management courses.

The programme is open to UK citizens, who are either currently a BASC member, or have immediate family who are and while there is no minimum award, the maximum award to an individual is £4,500 per year.


Section 1 – Personal details

Contact address(Required)

Section 2 – Details of the educational development or course of study

Please include details of the development or course of study you want to undertake: Dates and duration of the course. Course title or description of the development plan. Is it full time, part time, block release, online learning, mentoring, work experience etc. Where is the place of study or educational experience?

Section 3 – Career aspirations

Please tell us a little about yourself, what you are currently doing and what you hope to do after the educational development or course of study? Why did you choose this route and how will it help you achieve your career goals, while benefiting the countryside? (Max 250 words).

Section 4 – Budget proposal

Indicate the estimated costs you will incur, using this table. If you are proposing an application for over a year please use lines Year 2 and Year 3. You may add words to explain the figures used below the table.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

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