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BASC is an evidence-led organisation which works to ensure evidence-based policy for shooting and conservation. We work across the organisation and represent BASC nationally and internationally to protect and promote shooting the UK

Head of Science queries: 01244 573 006 or email


BASC’s lobbying, policy development and advisory work is guided by the provision of science-based research and technical support. Projects may be conducted in-house, through specialist contractors, or in conjunction with other organisations. BASC’s Science department have special expertise in policy briefings, white papers, ballistics research, monitoring shooting, dealing with issues connected with migratory birds, and the environmental impacts of shooting. BASC’s science contributes to scientific, political and public acceptance of shooting and the sustainable management of quarry populations. Science provides the basis for high standards in shooting and helps prevent or resolve conflicts between sporting and other interests. It also helps improve BASC membership services and benefits. To find out more about the Science department, click on the menu links on the right.

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