Moving to sustainable ammunition

Are you moving away from lead ammunition this year? As more people make the transition, there is going to be a growing demand for lead-free cartridges. But there are serious challenges facing the manufacturing supply chain, not only in the UK but around the world.

Now is a good time to place your orders and ensure you’re well stocked for the season ahead. Making your local gun shop aware of your interest or requirements in advance will also help cartridge manufacturers gauge demand and plan accordingly.

In April 2021, the National Game Dealers Association (NGDA) announced plans to refuse fur and feathered game shot with lead from July 2022. The NGDA stated that the continued use of lead shot has become a growing blocker for the game market. 

So, what does this mean for you?

  • If your shoot supplies an Approved Game Handling Establishment (AGHE), you will need to find out if they will require you to go lead-free this year.
  • If you manage a shoot, it is important that you have arrangements in place for the sale or consumption of the anticipated bag in advance of all shoot days.
  • As a shooter, if you are required by the shoots you are visiting to use lead-free ammunition for the coming season, it would be wise to place your order now with your local gun shop to avoid disappointment.
  • Remember that the announcement from the NGDA also applies to rifle-shot game. Manufacturers of rifle ammunition are also suffering from supply chain issues and high demand, so the same applies here – speak to your local stockist to determine which calibres are most affected.

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    If you haven’t tried sustainable ammunition yet, why not attend a BASC Try Sustainable Ammunition Day? Click here for more information.

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