Let’s Learn Moor 2024 is a runaway success

Let's Learn Moor

This year’s Let’s Learn Moor welcomed 2,600 children from 75 schools across the north of England to learn about the management and preservation of the uplands.

Let’s Learn Moor entered its seventh and most successful year ever in 2024. Running over five days from 1-5 July, more than 12,500 schoolchildren have attended the educational initiative since it began in 2017.

Let’s Learn Moor aims to enhance the children’s appreciation of how important the uplands are in the UK. The events improve knowledge and understanding of management techniques utilised to ensure our uplands continue to thrive, as well as flora and fauna found within them. The school pupils also learn about the people – such as gamekeepers, farmers and the emergency services – whose work and dedication is so critical to moorland landscapes.

This year’s event saw schoolchildren from 75 primary schools visiting the uplands across eight locations throughout the north of England which were hosted by regional moorland groups and estates. They were welcomed by local beekeepers, farmers, gamekeepers, wildlife trusts, emergency services and local businesses, all of whom talked about the importance of moorland to them and their livelihoods. Many of the children also experienced gundog training, learned more about deer and were educated about managing sheep in a such a harsh environment. 

BASC’s head of education and outreach Curtis Mossop said: “This year has been the biggest and best Let’s Learn Moor event to date. Nearly 2,600 children from schools across northern England have been given the opportunity to meet the passionate individuals who live and work on our moorlands. From freshwater invertebrate surveys to sheep shearing, beekeeping and honey tasting, to the gamekeepers and their firefighting equipment, the children have had the ultimate outdoor classroom experience.

“A landscape project of this size is a huge team effort, and we could not do it without 53 partner organisations who have contributed this year. Plans have already begun and the wheels are in motion for Let’s Learn Moor in 2025.”

Find out more information about Let’s Learn Moor here, or have a look at our gallery below to experience this year’s event in pictures.

Let's Learn Moor in pictures

All photographs by Stuart Boulton.