Help us demonstrate the Value of Shooting

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Help us demonstrate the Value of Shooting

Deer stalkers looking through binoculars

Whatever your shooting discipline, no matter your role, if you’re involved in shooting in any way, we need you to take part in the Value of Shooting survey.

The survey aims to establish the economic, environmental and social impact of all shooting disciplines in the UK. It is being supported by 24 partner organisations.

The findings of the research will be used to lobby governments and influence policymakers, providing independent and robust facts and figures that underpin the importance of shooting.

The Value of Shooting report, published in 2014, proved indispensable to showcasing and defending shooting’s worth and it is now time to revisit and update this research.

No matter how often you shoot, or the type of shooting you take part in, we want to hear from you because this research aims to build a picture of shooting in the UK, including all types and disciplines, and all types of participation.

If you are involved in any type of shooting in the UK – from wildfowling to target shooting, from practical shooting to small bore rifle, and from game shooting to deer stalking  then please do take part. 

It does not matter if your participation in shooting does not actually involve ‘pulling the trigger’ either – we also want to hear from those who participate in shooting but who do not shoot, like beaters, pickers up, range officers, volunteers or those involved in the running of a shoot. The survey will ask you what disciplines you participate in and then ask you questions relevant to those disciplines.

The Value of Shooting is essential to the future of the shooting sector, so please add your voice today. The survey closes on 30 September 2022.