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The Department of Environment, Agriculture and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has introduced interim general licences that permit the killing or taking of wild birds.

There are additional conditions which must be observed prior to use on protected sites such as Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSIs). Advisory material has also been added to the general licences so members should familiarise themselves with the changes prior to using them.

To date, DAERA has not amended the general licences to permit their use on a Sunday. In not doing so, BASC believes that DAERA has missed an important opportunity to assist farmers, gamekeepers and conservationists in maximising the benefits of the general licences. BASC will continue to push for this change.

BASC is advising members to contact DAERA and apply for an individual species-specific licence if the interim changes impact their work and livelihood.

BASC will continue to engage with DAERA to ensure there is evidence to back up these changes and that the licences are easily understood and workable.

If you have any questions about general licences, please contact the BASC NI office on 028 92 605050 or email

2024 General Licences in Northern Ireland

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