A close up of a cartridge bag
A close up of a cartridge bag

What do I need?

Game shooting has a very different feel to other shooting disciplines and there is more to consider when it comes to what you need, what to wear and what is expected.

To get started though we will keep it simple and this is not designed to put you off, just prepare you.

Obviously, first things first you will need to ensure your shotgun is in good condition and ready for action. Also, make sure you order your cartridges in plenty of time so you are well prepared.

As far as equipment goes you will also need a gunslip, something to carry your cartridges – that might be a bag, a belt or a coat with big pockets, and adequate hearing protection.

When thinking about what to wear, as well as the staples of a hat, coat, gloves and wellies or walking boots, it is tradition to wear neckwear, so that might be a tie for men and ties and scarves for ladies. The clothing is worn as a sign of respect for the game.

It is also customary to wear green and in particular tweed so you blend in with your surroundings.