Fur background

Fur trade ‘public attitudes’ survey sets a dangerous precedent​

Call for evidence

As part of Defra’s animal welfare action plan the government has launched a call for evidence on the fur market in Great Britain.

The consultation runs until 28 June and is a potential precursor for a GB-wide ban on the sale and import of all fur from farmed and wild animals.

The survey response form contains a public attitudes section. Some of the questions about the sustainable use of animals are of significant concern.

For example, people are asked whether ‘it’s wrong for animals to be killed for their fur’ and whether ‘it’s acceptable for fur to be produced as a by-product of legal hunting or population control’.

Such questions set a dangerous precedent because policy decisions on the utilisation of animals should be based on evidence rather than emotion.

The survey is open to anyone worldwide and you don’t have to answer every question to complete it.

Click the links below for more on the call for evidence from Defra and the British Fur Trade Association’s response to the announcement.

Have your say

Even if you feel that the fur trade has nothing to do with your shooting interests, please take a few minutes to have your say and show solidarity with those that are supplying sustainably produced fur.

A ban on the sale and import of fur from farmed and wild animals will not appease animal rights extremists.  Instead they will continue to seek a ban on all animal products, and on farming and fieldsports.

BASC will be responding to the call for evidence and there are two ways for you to have your say too. You can fill in an online survey form on the call for evidence website or email fur@defra.gov.uk stating your opposition to a ban.