shooter certification cards
shooter certification cards

Shooter Certification Cards

Anyone shooting on MoD ranges (including Bisley ranges) is required to possess and produce, on request, a certification card for the type of firearm they are using. This card is known as a ‘Safe Shooter Certification Card’.

Without a Shooter Certification card (SSC) civilian target shooters are not authorised to shoot on MoD land.

The range days held at Bisley (British Sporting Rifle Club complex) utilise MoD land and as such attendees of BASC’s range days are required to possess an SSC card.

Cards are non-transferable with other clubs unless the club chairman (or designate) accepts a BASC issued card.

BASC rifle club accept cards obtained through your primary NRA affiliated rifle club or as a member of the NRA (at our discretion).

If you do not belong to either but are a member of BASC then we can issue you with a card when you attend a BASC range day and pass the safety assessment.

BASC reserves the right to revoke cards or reject cards issued by other organisations, where behaviour during range hire or at BASC range days breaches regulations or falls short of expected standards.

Decisions to re-test shooters sit with each club chairman (or designate).

How to obtain your card

f you require a card to utilise BASC range days or Bisley range booking system and are a member of BASC with your own firearms certificate, you can sit an assessment to obtain an SSC at one of the BASC range days. BASC range days are co-ordinated by the BASC South East centre.

Download a booking form and read further information.

The assessment will entail a practical range assessment, during which you will also be asked questions on range safety. If you pass the assessment, you will be issued with a card that lasts for up to 12 months according to the conditions below.


BASC rifle club issues safe shooter certification (SSC) cards for the purposes of BASC range days only.

Their validity or acceptance by other rifle clubs is not guaranteed. BASC Rifle Club conducts the assessments during range days, but all cards will be issued by the NRA. Anyone not in possession of a current valid card will be required to sit assessment at a BASC range day before they can use the ranges.

Assessment will offer certification for telescope sighted rifle, iron sighted rifle and gallery rifle / carbine only and will carry a range limit of a maximum of 200 meters. If you require an SSC card, this will be chargeable at £15 per year. The card will be valid for 12 months.

You MUST send a passport style photograph in .jpg format with this application in order to receive your SSC Card (this can be taken with a smartphone or digital camera and emailed with this application).

If you are a member of another NRA affiliated rifle club, we strongly recommend that you obtain your safe shooter certification card via them, as your primary club. This can be presented at BASC Range Days and will be accepted if you have certification for telescope sighted rifle, iron sighted rifle and gallery rifle / carbine.

Cards are issued by BASC Rifle Club on the basis that the following conditions are met by the holder:

  • You must be a full BASC member.
  • You must hold a valid firearm certificate.
  • A safety assessment completed, and fee paid annually.

Cards cease to be valid on the expiry date given on the card or if any one of the above criteria are not met by the holder. We will confirm this in writing where relevant. Any deliberate use of the card e.g. with other clubs, will be fraudulent and could result in a ban from MoD land.

If you need any further information, please contact us via email.