Certificate renewal flow chart

If your firearms certificate is due for renewal we’ve made it as easy as possible for you with a simple, easy to follow flow chart

What is your certificate expiry date?

Start your renewal process 20-24 weeks before this.
Will your GP provide a medical verification report?

Ask for the cost and how long it will take

Are you happy with the answer?
(Less than two months and £0 - £80 is reasonable)

GP report comes back to you

When the report comes back to you make sure you have:

  • Permissions
  • Doctor’s report
  • Referees
  • Photograph

Start the application process, either online or via a paper application. Where possible BASC would always recommend applying online.

When applying online make sure you have all the information you need, to hand, to prevent being timed out.

We suggest printing and completing hard copy forms first as there is no option to save or go back online.

Complete/upload application a minimum of eight weeks before expiry.

If online, make sure you save a copy to your computer. If paper, make photocopies.

Post paper applications by Recorded Delivery and ensure you receive an electronic receipt for online applications.

Two weeks before expiry

Has your certificate arrived?

Did you apply at least eight weeks ago?

Have you received an eight-week extension?

Are you a BASC member?

Contact your BASC regional office for medical panel details

Make contact with panel practitioner

Submit a Subject Access Request (SAR) to your GP for your patient medical notes.
Notes are sent to panel practitioner.


10 days before the end of an extension period

Email your local force requesting a permit under Section 7 of the Firearms Act, 1968.

Email your local force

Ask for written confirmation that the certificate is extended.

Transfer firearms/shotguns

If no certificate arrives or no Section 7 permit is received then you need to transfer your firearms/shotguns to either an RFD or certificate holder prior to expiry and notify the police.