Hampshire stalking scheme
Hampshire stalking scheme

Hampshire stalking scheme

BASC’s Hampshire deer stalking scheme is open to all BASC members who hold the Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 (DSC1). The scheme is designed to provide practical experience for DSC1 holders to progress on to their DSC2.

It is based on a large sporting estate in southern Hampshire which has a good population of Roe deer plus some Muntjac. The deer are a valuable asset to the estate so a great deal of effort is put into their sustainable management to ensure that the population is healthy and continues to provide fantastic stalking for paying guests.

An important part of this management is culling sufficient roe does and cull bucks, plus any Muntjac seen, to ensure that the mature bucks have a good food supply through the winter when they are growing their antlers. 

Therefore, the estate has agreed to BASC members undertaking this cull under the watchful eye of the estate’s stalking guides.

The estate is a mixture of semi-natural ancient woodland, flower-rich meadows and arable fields surrounded by thick hedgerows. As such, it is excellent habitat for Roe deer and provides some beautiful and interesting foot stalking. 

Every corner you turn has the potential to hold another deer and it is anticipated that deer will be seen, if not shot, on every outing.

The cost will be £150 per outing. An outing is three hours and will always start as a PM session as this allows time to be spent on the range to undertake the initial safety briefing and to check the zero of your rifle.

Stalking procedures

Accompanied Stalking

All stalking is accompanied by a stalking guide.

The scheme offers the chance to gain more experience under expert supervision, and for those working towards DSC2, it offers the opportunity to gain the skills necessary for assessment. 

An accompanied stalk may be made up of a foot stalk, high seat or a combination of the two. For an accompanied stalk a fee of £150 is charged for each outing regardless of the number of animals culled. This fee is not refundable if no deer are shot.

All scheme participants will be briefed by the stalking guides before heading out on to the ground with a detailed safety briefing.

Before stalkers are taken out by the stalking guide they will be required to demonstrate that their rifle is zeroed by putting three shots into a 100mm diameter circle at 100metres. Subsequent bookings made will not require a shooting test but participants must ensure their rifles are zeroed. Hearing protection is required for the range session.

Stalkers should ensure that their rifle is zeroed before coming on the scheme as those who cannot achieve the 100mm group will not be permitted to stalk live quarry.

Additional fees

There are no additional trophy fees for Roe, or Muntjac, which makes the charges for the scheme very competitive. The in-skin carcass is included in the price.

General conditions

A permit authorises the holder to shoot specified deer over the estate on a certain date. Stalking will be by agreement with BASC and at times convenient to the estate. The permit will only be valid for the date booked but can be rearranged if necessary due to external factors.

The permit holder will be required to:

  1. Give notice as detailed within the cancellation policy.
  2. Be accompanied by, and act under the direction of the stalking guide.
  3. Use a moderated rifle of a calibre not less than .243 inches and soft or hollow-nosed bullets with a published muzzle energy of not less than 1,700 foot pounds.
  4. Fire on request, a group of sighting shots, at a range and accuracy to the satisfaction of the supervising stalker or other authorised person.
  5. Produce, for inspection on request by the stalking guide or other authorised person, a valid firearm certificate and proof of current membership of BASC (which gives third party insurance cover with an indemnity limit of £10,000,000 legal liability).
  6. Indemnify BASC against any loss, injury or damage.
  7. Note that shooting from any moving vehicle or by artificial light is prohibited.
  8. Note that if a deer is wounded, stalking will stop until it has been despatched or otherwise accounted for.
  9. Note that the carcass becomes the property of the member. Weight and other measurements of interest will be recorded officially. The permit holder can take the carcass if desired, or the estate will retain if it if the member does not wish to take it.
  10. Note that while all arrangements for a satisfactory outing will be made in good faith, BASC can give no guarantees that deer will be encountered and/or shot.
  11. Note that BASC reserves the right to suspend or withdraw a permit at any time and its decision in any matters arising from the granting of a permit will be final.
  12. Note that BASC reserves the right to vary these conditions and charges without notice.
  13. This stalking opportunity is solely for the benefit of BASC members and permits may not be bought or resold for any commercial purpose or for financial gain. BASC reserves the right to cancel or withdraw without recompense any permit which the deer management team believes may have breached this condition.
  14. Always comply with best practice guidance.

Cancellation Policy

Please note carefully before making a booking

Full payment must be made at the time of booking. The relevant application and letter confirming the booking will be sent out once payment has been received.

If a permit is cancelled then BASC will endeavour to reallocate the permit or rearrange a date if this is necessary due to external circumstances but if this is not possible, then the following scale of charges will apply:

  • More than eight weeks before start of permit – admin fee of £30.00.
  • Less than eight weeks but more than four weeks before start of permit – 30% of permit fee.
  • Less than four weeks but more than two weeks before start of permit – 60% of permit fee.
  • Less than two weeks before start of permit – 100% of permit fee.

BASC reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time, at which point a full refund of the outing fee will be made. BASC will not be liable for any other costs incurred by the member in booking the outing.


It would be prudent to consider an insurance policy to cover cancellations due to unforeseen eventualities. Members should ensure that the ‘holiday element’ is covered by separate insurance cover and should inform any potential insurer that the ‘shooting element’ is covered under BASC membership.


The stalking area is relatively flat with good access from public roads. Vehicles are only permitted within the stalking area with prior authorisation of the stalking guides. The lease does not allow participants to use quad bikes or similar all-terrain vehicles and they should not be brought to the scheme.


Participants who wish to bring dogs with them must seek prior permission from BASC. The stalking guides will have access to a deer dog if required.

For further information please contact:

Deer Management Department

Tel: 01244 573000 –  Email