Country Food Trust announced as Eat Game Awards charity of the year

Eat Game Awards presentation

The Country Food Trust has been selected as the charity of the year for the prestigious 2024 Eat Game Awards

The Eat Game Awards celebrates and honours the contributions of individuals and organisations which are dedicated to promoting game meat as a sustainable and healthy food source.

The Eat Game Awards, which made its debut in 2017, has seen exponential growth year after year. The event, which is run by BASC, now welcomes a larger number of suppliers, chefs, and influencers who are actively involved in the promotion of game meat as an attractive choice for those seeking healthy, sustainable food options.

The awards ceremony features eight categories open for nomination, offering an opportunity for the community to recognise and celebrate those who have made significant contributions to the game meat industry. Nominations are encouraged to highlight individuals, businesses, and organisations that have gone above and beyond in championing game meat’s value and promoting its sustainability.

SJ Hunt, CEO of The Country Food Trust, expressed their delight at the continued partnership with the Eat Game Awards, stating: “We are thrilled to be partnering with such a prestigious event that shines a light on the value of game meat and the remarkable individuals who work tirelessly in this sector. The Eat Game Awards provide a well-deserved platform to recognise their contributions and promote the message of sustainability.

BASC’s chief executive Ian Bell added: “BASC is delighted to partner with The Country Food Trust, especially at the national Eat Game Awards.

“The task of tackling food poverty must not be underestimated and the link to wild, healthy, low food miles through the supply of game meat is a great thing.”

The Country Food Trust is a UK-based charity dedicated to providing nutritious food made from high protein including game to feed people in need. They have consistently championed the sustainability and health benefits of meats including game, making them an ideal partner for the 2024 Eat Game Awards.

The Eat Game Awards invites the entire game meat community, and the general public, to participate in nominating deserving candidates in the game meat industry. This is a unique opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of those who are shaping the future of sustainable and healthy food choices.

You can find out more information about the Eat Game Awards and how to submit nominations here

For more information about The Country Food Trust, please visit their website here.