The A-Z of deer management

Can you name something deer related for every letter of the alphabet? BASC’s deer team can! Take a look for yourself.

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Your first driven day shooting

The popularity of driven pheasant and partridge shooting has surged in recent years. Never has the sport been so accessible to such a wide range of people from all backgrounds.

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Wildfowling season

The wildfowling season is now well underway and this season BASC is offering members and the wider shooting community more opportunities than ever to get involved to ensure that wildfowling is secured for future generations.

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The fowlers of the future

Tom Sykes explains how Morecambe Bay Wildfowlers’ Association are encouraging the next generation of wildfowlers to take full advantage of this fantastic sport.

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How to make bee houses

Bees are hugely important to our environment and let’s be honest, they are also pretty damn awesome!

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Ducks take the tube…

With mallard numbers in the UK declining and a flyway population showing a similar trend, wildfowlers across the country are using a simple but effective idea to improve the ducks’ breeding success.

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Data – not winging it

Gathering accurate data on UK quarry species is paramount as it allows us to monitor and manage individual species.

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