Beating is an essential part of any successful shoot. If you are unfamiliar with what beating actually is, it is the beater’s job to flush the birds and pushing them over the Guns.

One of the important parts of any shoot is having the chance to bring the community together. The beaters come and support the shoot and the shoot supports them.

Controlling the line of beaters is an important strategy – if they go too fast the game will all flush at once, giving the Guns little time to shoot the birds. However, if they come one at a time, game will flush with breaks, which will allow the Guns time to get ready.


When the beaters are trying to push the birds forward, they often use a plastic seed sack flag. To make one, all you need is, of course, a seed sack and a suitable stick.

First you find an empty seed sack (any farm will be only too happy for you to use them), then, using one side of the sack, you cut out a large rectangle large enough to be your flag.


Finally, staple it to the stick along the shorter edge, making sure you have a long enough stick to have a handle! And there you have a beater’s flag!

Beating is one of the most exciting activities. You get to make really good friends with people with similar interests and get plenty of exercise without really even trying! I would really recommend it to. It’s a great day out with your friends, family and dogs.