BASC statement on trophy hunting bill passing Commons stages

A deer antler on a table

BASC remains vehemently opposed to the Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill, a legacy of anti-shooting elements in Boris Johnson’s government. 

The Bill threatens to damage sustainable hunting, the conservation of endangered species and habitats and the economic benefit of hunting to marginal communities around the world.

BASC welcomes the improvements to the Bill at the Report Stage, moved by Sir Bill Wiggin MP and Sir Christopher Chope MP, both members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Shooting and Conservation. These include:

  • The removal of the Secretary of State’s power to extend the list of species from which trophies may not be imported to species which are not endangered.
  • The appointment by the Secretary of State of an Advisory Board on Hunting Trophies to advise on the importation of trophies derived from endangered species.

The Government has listened to concerns from conservationists to ensure that any proposed ban is limited to endangered species listed in Annex A & B and that an oversight Advisory Board is created to work with the Secretary of State on the progress of any legislation.

The Bill now moves to the House of Lords where BASC will be working with Peers on further amendments to protect the role trophy hunting plays in the conservation of endangered species and habitats.

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