BASC’s Shoot Visits ‘hitting their mark’

Shoot Visits being offered by BASC’s regional staff are being rolled out to high acclaim across the country. Since May, more than 100 visits have already taken place, with plans to fit in another 300 prior to the start of the season.

Included within a Shoot Visit are briefings on:

  • Understanding and compliance with evolving legal regulation including gamebird release on and near to designated sites, and post Brexit game meat hygiene regulation requirements.
  • Best practice covering the Code of Good Shooting Practice and Risk Assessments.
  • Promoting local and regional conservation schemes with practical advice on delivering net biodiversity gains.
  • Upcoming issues relevant to shooting including the transition to sustainable ammunition.

Further information provided includes detailed briefings on cover crops, woodland management, release pen siting, size and construction. BASC’s zero tolerance policy towards raptor persecution and the organisation’s position on the future of lead ammunition and single use plastics also feature will also be covered.

The briefings are continually updated with the latest information and relevant issues. A feedback form after the visit is being used to ensure BASC can provide the highest quality service and continue to improve the visits.

The Shoot Visits provided by BASC’s regional staff follows on from last year’s highly-valued Covid-compliant shoot visits.

Shoot Visits are open to all BASC-affiliated clubs, syndicates and gamekeeper members. 

To book yours, please contact your regional office.