BASC responds to RSPB Birdcrime report

A countryside landscape

BASC has responded to the publication today, 15 November, of the RSPB’s Birdcrime 2021 Report.

BASC said: “BASC has a zero tolerance attitude towards the illegal killing of birds of prey. Any member found guilty of wildlife crime will be expelled.

“Through wildlife and habitat management, the shooting community has played a significant role in overseeing the population levels of most UK birds of prey rise to record highs. There are conservation success stories for red kites, buzzards, merlin and more.

“Supported by shooting organisations and in addition financially by BASC, Defra’s Hen Harrier Joint Action Plan has seen numbers of hen harriers at their highest level in England for a century.

“The tiny minority of those in the shooting community who are involved in the illegal killing of birds of prey are also killing off their own future. The illegal killing of birds of prey remains the easiest and most public route for those against shooting to campaign for further restrictions.”

Click here to read more about BASC’s support of the Hen Harrier Joint Action Plan.