BASC medical panels


The new statutory guidance published by the government on 20 October made medical verification for all certificate applicants mandatory.

Issued by the applicant’s GP, costs for these forms have been reported to vary drastically between postcodes. The highest fee we have been aware of is £360 for medical verification.

In extreme cases, GPs have refused to provide the verification. Some fear that blame would fall on them if an incident occurred; others claim a conscientious objection to the private ownership of firearms.

This has leaves certificate holders in a catch-22 position; the applicant or certificate holder can’t get verification and the police will not progress the application without it.

BASC medical panels

BASC’s end game is to find a political solution to this situation. The most obvious one is for GP contracts to be changed, requiring doctors to supply medical verification. 

However, with statutory responsibility on doctors currently not in place, BASC has created a solution for its members.

We have identified individual BASC members who are doctors who in turn form medical panels to provide efficient and effective scrutiny and verification of an applicant’s medical history.

If a member experiences a problem obtaining medical verification, or their GP demands an exorbitant fee, they can contact the BASC firearms team. Following this, details of GPs willing to assist will be provided to the member. 

Please note, this is an important BASC membership benefit and therefore is not available to non-members.

If you need a GP for independent medical verification, please contact BASC’s firearms team on 01244 573 010.