BASC launches register of competent deer stalkers

deer stalking

The BASC register of competent deer stalkers is a new initiative which seeks to open up deer management opportunities for BASC members.

The aim of the register is to connect experienced deer stalkers holding BASC membership with landowners, government agencies or institutional bodies looking for individuals to carry out deer management on their land.

BASC is often contacted by organisations, such as The Woodland Trust, seeking experienced members to manage problem populations of deer across the country. Previously it has been very difficult to find and recommend someone, so the register aims to streamline the process of getting experienced stalkers on the ground.

BASC will hold the details of any member wishing to apply, including their location and qualification levels. When opportunities arise, we will contact all members on the register in the areas surrounding the property and put them in contact with the relevant parties. There is no cost to join the register.

The register is designed primarily for those who have achieved their DSC2 as this is the minimum qualification that most landowners require.

BASC’s head of deer and woodland management, Martin Edwards, said: “This is an exciting new initiative that will open up more opportunities to BASC members, and reinforce the fact that competent volunteer deer stalkers are a vital tool when it comes to managing the UK’s deer populations.”

To find out more about the register and to apply, click here.