BASC launches new Qualifications Card

Deer stalkers looking through binoculars

Shooters can now display all of their shooting qualifications in one place with the launch of a new card which is small enough to fit in a wallet.

The Qualifications Card, launched by BASC and Deer Management Qualifications (DMQ), includes a photo, membership number and a list of your shooting qualifications.

Available to all shooters, the new card allows users to present their qualifications together, assisting in situations such as gaining permissions to shoot and selling wild game to game dealers.

Qualifications that can be listed on the card include Deer Stalking Certificates Level 1 and 2, Game Meat Hygiene Trained Hunter, BASC Safe Shot awards, and others.

Nick Lane, BASC’s senior training officer, said: “Following a period of development, the qualification card has been launched as the ideal way of providing proof of identity alongside a list of verified qualifications.

“We have listened to the problems faced by our members and have provided a system that collates all the information in one place to simplify actions such as gaining permission.”

Click here to find out more information and to apply for your Qualifications Card today.