BASC AGM 2020 - Notice

Due to the continual Covid-19 restrictions and like many other organisations, BASC Council has decided that the Annual General Meeting will need to take place virtually on the 11th July 2020, commencing at 10:30am.

Registration is now closed.

Members will need a computer, tablet, or smart phone to access the virtual AGM.

Once you have registered, our team will send you an email with the link to access the AGM and further information, including the items requiring a members vote, how you will be able to vote during the AGM; and how you can send in any questions and comments to the Chairman and CEO prior to the AGM.

Please note, for you to be able to vote at the AGM we will share your name, email address and membership number with our independent scrutineers, UK Engage. UK Engage will provide you with a link to the AGM voting portal and your unique passcode to allow you to vote. This email will be sent on the 9th July 2020 (two days ahead of the AGM). This does not apply to any supporters wishing to attend the AGM, as supporters do not have a vote.

If you do not wish us to share your details with UK Engage, our independent scrutineer please contact she will ensure your details are not passed to the scrutineer. However, this will mean you will not be able to vote during the meeting. 

Registration opens on the 19th June 2020 and will close at 9am on Monday 6th July 2020.

Registration is now closed

AGM provisional agenda

  1. Welcome to AGM and opening of voting for
    1. Adoption of the financial statements
    2. Appointment of Auditors
    3. Resolution regarding BASC Committees
    4. Election of VP
  2. President opens the AGM and gives short address
  3. Chairman delivers Council report of Association
  4. Answering of questions submitted
  5. Council elections
  6. Obituaries
  7. Results
  8. AGM Closes

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