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Young Shots Stories

Hunting woodcock

Caio (17), a full junior BASC member and a keen shot, went hunting woodcock with his grandfather Ifan. He shot both woodcock, pictured, in Bala,...

Shooting is a very special sport

Here is a story that really tugs on one’s heart strings… Seven-year-old James, who has autism and struggles with loud noises and getting his hands dirty, recently asked his dad, Richard, if he could come with him on his syndicate shoot. After a lengthy discussion...

Archie’s beaters’ day

Eight-year-old Archie has been beating and having shooting and safety lessons from his grandfather for the past two years. As a result, he was invited to shoot, under supervision, at the Rangemore estate, Staffordshire, on beaters’ day. As you can see from the...

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