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Social stigma of shooting

Country sports and pursuits really have undergone a radical change in recent years. That has in turn allowed a healthy growth of social diversity within shooting.

So, you want to go picking up

Any kind of shooting requires the game or quarry to be collected quickly and efficiently to ensure the wounded animal is dispatched humanely…….

Crow Control

Crows are one of the smartest British birds. Their plumage is shiny and jet black and they are very clever and cunning.

Girls Go Shoot!

When your letter arrived I was so excited to take up the opportunity to have a go at writing for BASC!

Meet Our Journalists

Spencer Barber

Young Shots Journalist Winner

Biography (Click Here)

I’m 17 years old and live in the North East of England, but I was born in Hong Kong, where I lived for two years, then moved to Penang for three years. I never have imagined that I would ever shoot, let alone write for BASC!

I’m currently studying at sixth form and love swimming and shooting. I fell in love with the landscapes of the north Pennines. Their raw beauty and wildlife is truly breath-taking and has helped me develop an awareness of the environment around me

I wrote my first article because I feel shooting is perceived as disrespectful to nature, when, in truth, it’s the complete opposite. The contribution made to small communities is astronomical. In reality, shooters are ordinary people (although I do believe I’m addicted to shooting). If we can bring to light shooting’s contributions and benefits, others’ perception of it will change.

Euan Trower

Young Shots Journalist Winner

Biography (Click Here)

I’m 18-year-old A-level student from rural Devon. The countryside will always be a crucial part of me. I spent most of my childhood outside with friends, building dens, climbing trees and exploring the countryside which felt like an uncharted wilderness.

A fundamental part of my growing up was learning how to use guns and knives responsibly; I now respect them as essential tools. I didn’t learn hunting as a cruel, outdated endeavour; I learned hunting as a way to maintain the bond between countryman and countryside. However, this way of life is threatened by increasingly intolerant views based on simple misunderstanding. For many, the countryside is redundant, hunting is cruel and the people who live there nothing more than tourist attractions. This is why in my article I call for greater opportunity to be given to people who’ve never experienced the world I live in, so they can learn to appreciate rural Britain too.  

Flora Wilson

Young Shots Journalist Winner

Biography (Click Here)

I’m a 16-year-old from the South West of England. Besides shooting, fishing and hunting, I enjoy photography (I run a pet photography business at the weekends) and reading. I have three younger siblings and live on a smallholding at the moment. When I’m not away at boarding school, I enjoy the countryside and spending time with my family. At the moment, I’m preparing for my GCSEs – my favourite are ancient languages and writing-based subjects.

The first article I wrote for BASC is about gundogs. The decline of certain breeds is something close to my heart, as I own two dogs, one a rare gundog breed. Through my photography and dog showing I have come across many vulnerable breeds. It’s so easy to go for the easy option instead of helping to save a breed that does the job just as well. I hope I will able to do something about it.

Jemima Idiens

Young Shots Journalist Winner

Biography (Click Here)

I’m ten years old and was thrilled when I was picked as one of the Young Shots Journalists.

I live in Berkshire with my family and our two black labs, which we have trained to be gundogs. At school, I am very passionate about writing. When I was seven I started my own book blog, which I really enjoy doing. I also love singing, drama and all sports, especially running and hockey.

Ever since I was little, whenever I have looked around the shooting schools, a lot of men and boys surrounded me, so I think we need more women and girls involved. I have been inspired by my brother and my dad to get into shooting. They kept telling me to have a go, so I did. My whole family loves to shoot and spend time in the countryside.

I will be writing again soon!

Michael Little

Young Shots Journalist Winner

Biography (Click Here)

I’m 16 years old and live in Dumfries and Galloway and together with my father and brother I help to control pests on local farms, which is really important to me; it helps both the wildlife and farmers. That’s why my first article focused on crows, which are a major problem where I live.

I’m also a beater on a neighbouring commercial shoot, which I found was a great way to get into shooting. I have had a few opportunities to shoot pheasants and partridges, and one of the best days so far was the BASC Glen Ample Young Shots Day in Perthshire in January 2018.

I have always shot with side by sides; my ambition is to own a Damascus-barrelled hammer gun, though that might not be suitable for shooting crows!

I am looking forward to seeing if a career in journalism is for me.

Oscar Tarbox

Young Shots Journalist Winner

Biography (Click Here)

I’m 15 years old and live in Heathfield, East Sussex. I have been writing articles for my mum’s dog club for some years and have written for local parish newsletters, Scouts and school newsletters as well. I also like composing songs. I have a love of words and the English language (I performed Shakespeare in drama exams). 

My passion with gundogs has helped me write my first BASC article, which you can read in the November/December S&C. My other passion is photography; I hope to study journalism and photography.

 I have been working with gundogs from early age, having the encouragement from my mum and gaining so much from her. With our Cuvana gundogs we participate in a range of both competitive and fun dog activities.

I am looking forward to taking on this new challenge and hope to inspire other young people to write.

Harry Smith

Young Shots Journalist

Biography (Click Here)

My name is Harry. I am 10 years old, which means I’m in year six. I’m a student a Northcote Lodge in South-West London. I love English, it’s one of my favourite subjects because I like writing and finding out about all the things around me that I don’t know about yet! I’m also fascinated by wildlife and worried about what’s happening to our planet. This is why the unfortunate decline of dormice saddened me, so I did some research and was shocked by what I found out. This is why I chose dormice for my article topic. I hope you find it interesting too.

I love going on walks in the South Downs in the autumn and have a great time throwing leaves around the place. My sister Connie and I love having leaf fights!

In my free time, I like to write stories and poems. Last year, I won the poetry competition for my composition on a tree in my garden and its journey through the seasons of the year.

William Jewers

Young Shots Journalist

Biography (Click Here)

My name is William Jewers, I am 18 years old and I live in rural Bedfordshire. I finished my A-Level studies in June of this year and I am currently studying Rural Land Management at RAU Cirencester, however, I hope to gain a place at the University of Durham to study Philosophy and Politics in September 2019. My family is fairly involved with countryside life and took part in the local shoot, which dissolved at the end of last season. The dissolution of the shoot demonstrated to me the growing pressures that encumber the industry so very much, and encouraged me to delve further into the causes of these issues. Among other things I also enjoy reading, walking in the countryside and travelling. I am also a member of my local Young Farmers club, which is a brilliant place to socialise and has proven to be very valuable to me.

Cody Hamilton

Young Shots Journalist

Biography (Click Here)

Hello, my names Cody and I’m 14 and live in South Yorkshire. First I would like to thank my Dad for leading me on to shooting. I’m part of a shooting syndicate at Braithwell were I have met many amazing people in the past five years. I would like to say thank you to the gamekeeper Anthony Harrison for running the shoot and to everyone involved. I love every aspect of shooting, right down to cleaning the birds and cooking what we shoot. However, my favourite part is watching the dogs work as I love to see them find and pick up birds. I’ve been looking for a chance to get involved with BASC ever since becoming a member, amazingly I was on the Young Shots page in 2016 and now I wrote an article which got published on the website. I hope you enjoy the article!

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