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Bring a friend along

Bring a friend along Everything is better with friends and shooting is no exception, as Jess Smith reveals. She recently took a friend on a shoot day and it was truly unforgettable experience for both. There are many wonderful things that can be attributed to the world of shooting. But one which is often

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Our Young Shots Journalists 2022

Victoria Sayer


I am 12 years old and like to film and photograph clay pigeon shooting, mostly sporting, and any wildlife I see. I also like filming and take part in competitions which are always pretty intense!

I love being outdoors and photography makes time stand still. I look forward to this opportunity to share my views and experiences with other people. There are lots of nice people in the shooting world and its always easy to get pictures of people having fun. I try and show everything at its best.

James Kinghorn


I am 14 years old and live in the Scottish Borders. I was a Young Shots Journalist last year and have had the opportunity to share my opinions and experiences with the shooting world.

Some of my other interests include hockey, fishing and attempting to train my young dog. I have grown up in the countryside and have been involved in the shooting community from a young age.

My dad has introduced me to every aspect of fieldsports and I am keen to expand my knowledge and learn more. I have recently taken an interest in bees, too. Not a fan of the stings though!

Jess Smith


I’m 15 and live on a pheasant and partridge shoot in Derbyshire where my Dad is head gamekeeper.

I’ve been home-educated my whole life and did two GCSE’s early in year nine. My hobbies include coloured pencil animal art (which I now do as commissioned work) riding my horse Rupert, dog showing and video making. I’m incredibly passionate about the countryside and am exceedingly excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Amelia Howarth


I am 14 and I think being a Young Shot Journalist is an opportunity for me to branch out my knowledge of the shooting world. My hobbies include shooting, reading, baking, musical theatre and horse riding.

I would like to think of myself as a confident person able to connect to others. I hope to gain many things from this experience, meet people who share my interests, and inspire more young people to join the community.

Sam Belson


I’m 16 and grew up in an orthodox Jewish community in North-West London. Both my parents had rural/equestrian backgrounds (they met playing polo) and bought a smallholding near Ware in 2002. We maintain a strong rural, conservation-focused, as well as orthodox Jewish, ethos.

I was taught to ride by my mother at the age of four. Alongside riding I enjoy shooting clays and vermin with Dad. In addition to generally helping around the place, I am a keen amateur blacksmith and do the occasional repair for my dad. I also have an Etsy shop!

I am currently studying for my GCSEs and hope to join the police force in the future.

Cody Winson


I’m 17 and from South Yorkshire. I work part time on a farm while studying in my second year at Askham Bryan College.

I have a great interest in newer, more responsible methods of farming and what they mean for our future. That applies not just to our shoots but also the levels of emissions and how it will affect us as a nation down the line.

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