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BASC Young Shots gives young people a chance to take up shooting in a safe and enjoyable way.

That’s why you should join BASC today.

Young Shots Recipe of the Month

Celebrate the beginning of pheasant season with this deliciously, simple recipe!

Pheasant meatballs & pasta


Pigeon breast pittas

Pigeon breast pittas

Serves 1 personPrep time: 10 mins. Cook: 10 mins. Ready in: 20 mins. Baby leaf saladPitta bread2 chunks local black pudding2 rashers local streaky bacon2 fresh pigeon breasts1 handful pumpkin seedsrapeseed oil Crumble the black pudding into a hot, dry frying pan and...

Pigging out on Pig(eon) Bol

Pigging out on Pig(eon) Bol

As the main season for woodpigeon shooting approaches, one problem arises: how to make room in the freezer? I had a few successful days last year, and many pigeon breasts remain to be eaten.
Pheasant and Mushroom Pie – Young Shots Recipe Competition Winner

Pheasant and Mushroom Pie – Young Shots Recipe Competition Winner

Congratulations to our Young Shots recipe competition winner Rory Palmer from Shropshire, sharing with us their pheasant and mushroom pie recipe.. Pheasant and mushroom pie250g mushrooms350g diced pheasant1 diced onion2 crushed garlic cloves1 cooked, diced potatoHerbs...

Talking Game is a publication solely focused on showing people how delicious and easy to prepare game meat is – whether it’s grouse, pheasant, rabbit or venison, they are just as easy to cook as the usual chicken or beef. But the taste and nutritional value far surpasses them!

The magazine will be published yearly and each issue will be filled with recipes and features related to game cookery. It is available to purchase from

Talking Game kindly provided us with some of their amazing recipes, so if you enjoy cooking, it’s definitely worth trying them out.

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For more recipes try the Taste of Game website.

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