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Young Shots Event Form

BASC Young Shots gives young people a chance to take up shooting in a safe and enjoyable way. That’s why you should join BASC today.

Young Shots Events Form

If you would like to register your interest in a Young Shots event that is not scheduled in the Events page, please complete the form below. We will endeavour to put on an event when we have sufficient demand.

Young Shots events

February 2019

19 Feb 2019 Young Shots Introductory Day – Lains Shooting School, Andover
Lains Shooting School, Quarley, Andover

22 Feb 2019 Young Shots Day - Derbyshire
Honeybank, Holestone Gate Road, Ashover

23 Feb 2019 Young Shots multi- activity day
Paintmine Woods, Paintmine Woods, Carnforth

23 Feb 2019 Young Shots Target Shooting Day - Hastings, East Sussex
1066 Rifle and Pistol Club, Rock Lane, Hastings

April 2019

10 Apr 2019 Young Shot Day - A1 Shooting Ground - North London
A1 Shooting Ground, Barnet, Barnet

10 Apr 2019 Young Shots activity day
Humberside Shooting Ground, Catwick Lane, Brandesburton

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